We had a spectacular time at Shot Show 2023. Our unicorn patch was the hit of the show. Our booth was an even bigger hit, drawing high traffic to a normally quieter spot on the lower level of the show. We handed out thousands of stickers, flyers, and yes, patches. We talked with thousands of people and even those who started with “is this a joke” left thanking us for our work in the gun community.

Lara did several press interviews, our media team did a tremendous job capturing videos and photos of the event, and Mike and Kat were absolute rock stars in the booth, showing the gun world that while we may be unicorns, we can in fact be real liberals and real gun people. The video of club members shooting everything from suppressed .22s to a Gatling gun helped convince even the hardest of skeptics we belonged there.

The week was a roller coaster for the entire team and we all need some time to decompress, spend time with our families, and catch up on our daily lives, but there is much, much more to come and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!  In particular, we will be holding a Social Distance Learning event with the Shot Show team to tell everyone all about it. In the meanwhile, keep an eye on our YouTube, Instagram, and other social media channels for much more content from the show.