Over the past week, I got to attend SHOT Show 2019. While it had all the usual array of new (and not so new) guns, accessories, and related items, this year was different in one big way – I got to take an assistant! Our successful fundraising drive meant that Patti Hall, a member from Kentucky, got to accompany me for three days in lovely Las Vegas.  We had a wonderful show.


We got to see lots of great new products. From a new digital night vision camera that captures night scenes in vivid color (seriously go watch the videos here) to a mini-Mosin in .22 and striker-fired Kimbers and bullpup pump shotguns (thank you KelTec), the show had a bit of new for every type of enthusiast.  There were also the usual suspects (hey, look, it’s a polymer Glock!), where it’s always fun to handle the hardware.  Where else do you get to be hands on with both a Barrett 50 cal and a gold plated tommy gun?  I particularly enjoyed getting to try the trigger on the new Mossberg pistol (smooth but 5 lbs) and inspecting the very expensive and very beautiful Italian shotguns from Perazzi and others. One good thing was noting that the number of promotional materials featuring women either poorly handling firearms or being helped by men had dropped dramatically.  Unquestionably, the highlight of the show for Patti was meeting Hickok45 and speaking to him for quite awhile.


I had a lovely chance to meet Michael Sodini, the owner of Eagle Imports, best known as the U.S. importer of Bersas.  More importantly, Mike has partnered with LGC friend Rob Pincus and others to create Walk the Talk America, an organization whose mission is to reduce incidents of suicide by firearms, reduce gun negligence through education and proactive programs that identify risks, and to raise awareness and provide solutions to those who choose to own firearms responsibly and the public at large. The Liberal Gun Club is thrilled to be partnering with WTTA and you will hear more about this in the coming year.

Surprisingly, I got to meet an NRA TV personality who both knew who LGC was and was supportive. I also spoke with the NRA’s California rep for quite awhile.  While we may never see eye to eye, opportunities to meet with others who are essentially “across the aisle” from us is invaluable in advancing both the Club itself and all of our rights.

I also had a chance to talk with numerous friends and other activists in the Second Amendment world.  We all agree – our rights are eroding. We don’t all agree on what to do about that, but we do agree that doing nothing is not an option. The Liberal Gun Club remains committed to helping organizations like The Second Amendment Foundation  and The Firearms Policy Coalition with their great work of bringing lawsuits and fighting the numerous bad bills which are popping up all over.


Of course, one of the other things I do is talk up LGC to various vendors. I have lots of follow ups to do but I’m hoping we are about to see some strategic partnerships bearing fruit. I will update you all on this as soon as I have any official word on them.

Now, I’m going to go recover from the annual SHOT Show crud that I feel coming on.

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