Today, Target joined the ranks of companies asking politely that gun owners not bring our guns into their stores. This was, of course, a response to demonstrations by open-carry advocates and to anti-gun activists’ reactions to the same. While I’m glad that Target isn’t banning guns outright, I still find it disturbing that Target bowed to pressure from a handful of activists – on both sides of the gun divide.

OK, so I (kind of) get what the open-carry people are trying to do. I get that they’re trying to normalize the sight of guns in the public sphere, and the Texas people in particular are protesting against an anomalous law that permits open carry of long guns while prohibiting open carry of handguns, even by CHL holders. But.


It doesn’t help our cause any when we see pictures of Beavis and Butt-head carrying their AR’s at low ready at Chipotle, or a bunch of camo- and leather-clad dudes standing around outside a Starbucks looking like they’re more than ready for the next flight to Fallujah. It especially doesn’t help when Beavis, Butt-head, and the camo-clad ninjas are patrolling around businesses who have to answer to shareholders. In corporate-land, it’s all about the bottom line. (Unless you’re Hobby Lobby, in which case it’s all about a Dominionist bastardization of Christianity, but I digress.)

Again, it’s about the bottom line. And Target, or Chipotle, or Starbucks doesn’t want to see the bottom line suffer because some dudes and a handful of chicks decide to show up looking like they’re ready to shoot up the place, even though they’re just going to buy some shampoo or order a mocha frappuccino and show off how TOTES MAGOTES OSSIM their rifles are. I like guns as much as the next gun girl, and I’m all about the right to carry, but a bunch of dudes in camo come in with AR’s at low ready, they’re getting the side-eye and I’m surreptitiously press-checking my Glock while looking for the nearest exit. And I LIKE guns. Think about the soccer mom who doesn’t own guns, doesn’t know much about them… the Chipotle Commandos are only going to scare the living daylights out of her, and drive her right into the Everytown Demanding Mayors camp. Cue the panicked #gunsense emails and letters to corporate.

Speaking of soccer: Yes, it’s World Cup time. I haven’t seen too many own goals during La Copa Mundial thus far. But today, I think on either TTAG or TTAG’s Facebook page, I saw perhaps the best description of the Chipotle Commandos vis-a-vis Target: the Commandos just shot another own goal.

And no, not even the amazeballs Tim Howard can save us against this kind of goal.

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