Well it looks like Oregon has jumped the shark last week. Despite having a murder rate that’s less than half the United States average with their existing laws at 2.5/100k, apparently the need to pass some of the most draconian gun laws in the country is THE biggest issue facing the state.

Compared to Oregon’s neighbor to the south, California, Oregon today has reasonable gun laws. No ammunition restrictions, no assault weapons ban, no arbitrary restrictions on capacity. And they have a murder rate that is half that of California, and have had less mass shootings. Despite this, some legislators have decided that the hill to die on is sweeping new gun restrictions.

Not the suicide rate, which is 17.8/100k, which places Oregon in the top 16 states for the highest suicide rate.

Not opioid deaths, which kill almost triple the amount of people in the state.

Not healthcare, which a lack of increases overall mortality by 17%.

Not universal mental health coverage, which might actually make a difference in spree shootings.

No, instead the emphasis obviously needs to be on gun regulations that will make no difference whatsoever on the murder rate.

Limiting the number of rounds to 5 (which no modern gun has as it’s capacity).

Creating an entirely new licensing scheme because of the blood currently running in the streets of Oregon from violence (It isn’t). 

Requiring people, who don’t even have children to lock up their guns in an approved manner or face jail time.

Ensuring that poor people cannot practice with their firearms by forcing them to buy ammunition from the most expensive place possible only- at the range. A limit of 20 rounds to purchase outside of that, regardless of whether or not the ammunition you use is available at your local range or not. That’s less than a single magazine of ammunition for many guns, in the capacity for which they were designed (normal capacity).

And guess what? Suicides, which are the far larger issue, only take one bullet. The capacity doesn’t matter. Other shootings have been done with 10 round magazines, like Parkland, pump action shotguns, and revolvers. And by enforcing an arbitrary limit, this will do one thing- ensure the state wastes money on creating the regulatory scheme, wastes money with the lawsuits that will immediately follow, and, like NY an their arbitrary limit that was overturned, will ultimately result in no difference at all, except that we could have been working on solutions that could actually help, rather than wasting our time with pointless legislation that “feels good”.

The Liberal Gun Club urges our legislators in Oregon to skip this batch of gun bills. Let’s do something instead that actually works.