With the recent attack on a church in Texas, in which 26 people were killed and dozens injured, many people are looking for ways to prevent or respond to such attacks. And there are others ready to prey on that need with bad or incomplete information. Everyone, it seems, is suddenly a “Church Security Consultant”.

As a result you can find lots of misguided articles and talk about how to start a “church security team”, focusing — of course — on shooting skills. While responding to a violent attacker with lethal force is of course an  understandable course of action, the reality is that it’s not appropriate in all cases. In fact, in the vast majority of security incidents in houses of worship it’s the wrong response.

Security, especially in a church, is a lot more than just shooting.

In this episode of Training Talk, my guests Aaron Israel and Joshua Gideon talk with me about what a security team really does, what it looks like, and how it needs to be trained. If your church, synagogue, temple, or shrine’s approach to security is to find a few people in the congregation with concealed handgun licenses and station them near the entrances, you need to see this episode. More importantly, your clueless leadership needs to see it.

Security in a house of worship is a complex and nuanced job for which people need to be properly trained. You’ll find out why (and how) in this informative and important episode.

– Grant

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