As part of an ongoing commitment to making sure we are communicating beyond social media and our various online discussion forms, you should expect to see more formal updates about once a quarter; the last one was in January, recapping the year, the national meeting, and talking about things to come!

SHOT Show 2024

We once again attended the SHOT Show earlier this year, though in a less splashy way. Attendance is expensive, and booth prices skyrocketed, so we sent representatives to have meetings and walk the floor. A smaller, more focused group, but a persistent reminder to the rest of the gun world we exist. We are grateful to friends like John Correia for supporting us and helping us boost the signal!

The LGC National Meeting 2024

Save the date on your calendar: October 18-19th, 2024, in sunny Las Vegas!

This year, we are again bringing you a variety of world-class instructors: Alessandro Padovani, Annette Evans, Kevin Dixie, Kaery Concealed, and more! In the evenings, we will provide fun events and opportunities to socialize, and you’ll get to know your fellow LGC members. This is truly the can’t-miss event of the year!

Instructor Education and Resources

As we mentioned in January, we appointed a new Instructional czar, Clint Sand, to help bring our instructional resources to the next level, modernizing how we do things and improving existing resources available to our students and instructors. He has wasted no time, setting up new infrastructure and improving content. He’s set 4 Goals for the year:

  • Goal 1: Engage the Instructor Community
  • Goal 2. Update and Modernize Content and Curriculum
  • Goal 3. Build instructor competencies
  • Goal 4. Drive awareness and demand

Clint has a lot planned for Q2 to advance these goals, including a new instructor directory, new instructor development, virtual study groups, new instructional materials, and LGC instructor affiliates. If you are interested in becoming an instructor, reach out and let’s talk. We always need more!


Our store is starting to ramp up again, refreshing inventory and selection. It’s been a year since we shifted our fulfillment to dedicated capacity at Fillable, updated the web store, and generally took stock of what we wanted to see there. It’s going really well. We are able to ship things to people much faster and manage the inventory much more effectively. They are a great partner. This spring we are restocking old favorites and bringing in new items. We’re excited about the new merchandise items. Look out for new product rollouts and inventory updates in the coming weeks and months!

That’s it for now!

So far, 2024 is going well. As always, join the conversation. The easiest way is to lick the “Discussions” link at the top of this page and find your favorite way to engage with us!