Its that time again! We have several exciting updates to share with you as we move forward in 2024:

NSSF Annual Meeting Collaboration: We’re pleased to announce that we’ve agreed to host representatives from the NSSF at our upcoming annual meeting. This will be a unique opportunity to discuss the concerns of liberal gun owners, especially in light of recent regulatory changes. With the overturning of Chevron, the future of regulatory law is uncertain, making this discussion timely and crucial. The NSSF aims to highlight that guns are not a single-party issue but are for everyone.

Social Distance Learning with David Yamane: Our recent Social Distance Learning session with David Yamane, in which he discussed his new book “Gun Curious,” was well-attended and highly engaging. It provided new insights into firearms and gun culture pertinent to our community.

Harm Prevention Symposium and Collaboration with WTTA: We’ve been invited to speak at another harm prevention symposium and are working with WTTA to produce informative videos on harm prevention. These efforts are integral to our commitment to responsible gun ownership.

Collaboration with Grassroots Organizations and Media Features: We continue collaborating on harm prevention programs with grassroots organizations. We plan a congressional/DC trip to highlight our role in the gun industry. Our efforts were recently recognized in Bearing Arms and an in-depth article on California’s gun control laws.

Bylaws: We are working on revising and publishing our by-laws and hope to have revisions available to the membership in the fall; this includes more formal board membership definitions and elected membership representation. Stay tuned!

Education and Training Update:

  • Virtual IDS Instructor Development: We’re excited to offer a new virtual option for Intuitive Defensive Shooting (IDS) instructor development starting July 8th and 9th. This allows flexibility and enhanced accessibility for our instructors.
  • POM Pepper Spray Discount: We’ve secured a discount code, LGCOC, for POM Pepper Spray. The proceeds will support additional training programs for our instructors.
  • Joint Training with Pink Pistols: A successful joint defensive shooting training event was hosted in New England, with more events planned for Q3.
  • New Instructor Candidates: Several new candidates started training for “Firearms Safety & Familiarization,” with certification expected in Q3.
  • Infrastructure Improvements: We’ve updated our instructor database and improved the training request form on our website, streamlining operations.

Additionally, we are VERY pleased to announce that Clint Sand has officially joined our board of directors. Clint was named Director of Training and Education last fall and has been hard at work revamping the program. Training is core to our mission, and Clint has been awesome in picking up these responsibilities. Previously, this was Eric Meyer’s responsibility (in addition to Membership and Chapters), but it’s a mountain of work and deserves appropriate focus.

Membership and Chapters:

Pride Events: Several chapters across the country attended their local Pride events, receiving generally positive reception. People continue to be pleasantly surprised by our existence. If your chapter wishes to attend an event, contact your local leadership for materials and cost assistance.

Dues Update: After over 10 years, we’re adjusting our base membership dues. Starting with your next renewal, your annual individual membership will be $15, and your annual contributing membership will be $30. Sustaining memberships remain unchanged. Your dues support our operations, including website hosting, liability insurance, event materials, local chapter activities, special events like our annual meeting, and participation in events like the SHOT show. We also contribute to legal challenges through Amicus Briefs, highlighting that gun rights are not exclusive to conservatives.

Miscellaneous: Our insurance policies have been renewed. For proof of insurance for your events, please contact your chapter leadership, who can get the paperwork from us. Lastly, we renewed our trademarks in Q2, an essential but less exciting update.

Annual Meeting:

Save the date on your calendar: October 18th-19th, 2024. We are opening registration for this event even earlier this year and allowing our members to save! Register before April 1st & pay only $90, a $20 savings! If you sign up between April 1st and September 30th, registration will cost $110. Late registration is available after that up to Oct 12th for $135.

This year, we are again bringing you a variety of world-class instructors: Alessandro Padovani, Annette Evans, Kevin Dixie, Kaery Concealed, and more! In the evenings, we will provide fun events and opportunities to socialize, and you’ll get to know your fellow LGC members. This is genuinely the can’t-miss event of the year!

Register now!

Thank you for your ongoing support and participation. Together, we’re making significant strides in promoting liberal gun ownership rights and responsible firearm practices.