The LGC Shooting Sports Jersey


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Now you can take the next step for representing your favorite firearms organization at your next match.

Action Pistol aficionado, competitor, and LGC member Matt has created a jersey for LGC folks.

This is a special order, customized item with a 4 week lead time. It will be custom printed for us by the folks at Pro-Stitch USA, and sewed right here in the USA by a family owned business.

We have threshold of 10 jerseys for the initial order, after then we’ll set up another group order. Individually ordered jerseys are available. but will have different price point.

Take a look at the Fit Chart and select your cut, size, Name and title for the front, name for the back, and your patch graphic choices for the front and both sleeve.

Sizes run from Hobbit to Sasquatch, so I’m almost certain there the is one that will fit you. Matt can fill you in if there are additional sizing options and if there will be an upcharge for that.

If you have questions about this item and to confirm details about ordering, please contact Matt at : and he will be able to help you out.

Free shipping, unless you live in a Mythical Domain.