Mantis X3 Performance Shooting System


Mantis X3 Shooting Performance System. with Ammo Safe 9mm ECI and SDL magnet and sticker.

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If you shoot handguns much, you may be familiar with shot group analysis diagrams. A shot analysis diagram gives an approximate diagnosis of problems with your shooting mechanics (grip, trigger pull, etc.) based on the grouping of a shot string on target.

Now imagine being able to see a diagram of your firearm’s movement before, during, and after the trigger press. Then getting your mobile device out of your pocket to look at a detailed diagnosis of a given shot or shot string.

The Mantis X3 adds live fire capability in addition to all the features of the X2.

See what your LGC colleagues have to say about this device in the Social Distance Learning series panel discussion on you tube at

We also send you an SDL fridge magnet and sticker. Also included is a MagRail adhesive picatinny rail to attach to a magazine or the butt of your revolver.

along with that free shipping.

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