Mantis X2 Shooting Performance System


Mantis X2 Shooting Performance System. Includes AmmoSafe 9mm pistol ECI, SDL series Fridge magnet and sticker.

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Have you ever taken pictures of someone waving a sparkler at night?

If you are lucky or know what you are doing, you can see a line traced by the person’s hand for the duration of the exposure.

The Mantis System does that for you when you practice dry fire with your firearm. It tracks the movement of the firearm and displays a trace of the firearm’s movement: before trigger press, during trigger press, and after trigger press( follow through). The graphic feedback along with the tools in the Mantis smartphone app provide tools for analyzing the data collected by the device.

Here is a video from the SDL series that has a lot of useful information about the product.

The Mantis system mounts to your handgun or long gun by a picatinny rail attachment. There are many option available for mounting the device on firearms not equipped with rails as well. Use your ingenuity or check out Mantis online for more information about the system and for accessories.

While this is the entry level model, don’t think that you will not love this unit. It makes dry fire practice more fun than work. The MantisX app which delivers all the geeky data also will send notifications reminding you that it’s time to practice!

We’ll also throw in a SDL fridge magnet and sticker. You’ll also get a Mantis MagRail, an adhesive picatinny rail that you may adhere to a magazine for holster work with your standard, non rail accessorized, holster.

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