Mantis X10 Elite Performance shooting system


Mantis X10 Performance Shooting System.

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Some shooters like to go large.. 50 BMG rifle, .50 American Eagle handgun, 10 gauge shotgun. Very heavy metal.

While you may not be in for schlepping Hellboy’s kit for slaying fascists, the X10 Elite is as large as you can go in the Mantis Performance Shooting System line.

The X10 Elite is quite a significant upgrade from the X2 and X3. Below is a feature chart showing the differences.

These were so popular, that we decided to keep a few in stock. Sent with all the trimmings, SDL Sticker, and Fridge magnet.

The X10 comes with a MagRail adhesive picatinny rail and a barrel mount in the packaging. But we will still send you an extra Mag Rail.

Such a Deal!


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