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Mantis X2 and X3 Shooting Performance Systems


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As seen in the LGC Social distance Learning series on you tube. It’s highly suggested that you view this video to get an excellent overview of the device and it’s use. Mantis also has a lot information as well.

The Mantis shooting system attaches to you firearm or training simulator with a picatinny rail section and connects to your smartphone via bluetooth using the Mantis app.

It’s shot analysis capabilities are amazing. Using all sorts of techy black magic, The Mantis analyzes the movement of the firearm during the entire shot cycle and displays it visually on your device in real time. It allows you to quickly understand the corrections you need to make to improve your speed and accuracy.

We offer 2 models. The Mantis X2 works with rifles, pistols, and SIRT training devices, and supports dry fire only. This is a great option for at home training and is the most economical option.

The Mantis X3 expands the X2’s capabilities to live fire. This allows you to analyze your performance at a match or training session between relays or strings of fire in practice sessions.

The Mantis X10 is The Full Monty of Mantis Performance Shooting systems. *NOW IN STOCK*

We snipped a chart to show you all the differences in the systems for reference.

When you order the MantisX through us you will get some extra goodies.

An SDL series fridge magnet, $3.00 value, and a SDL series sticker. You also happen to get a $5.00 rail adapter that adheres to the bottom of a magazine or grip. This enables you to use the mantis for holster work without getting a special holster to accommodate the mounted unit. That is unless you already have a holster that accommodates railed accessories.

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