LGC Postcard 3-Pack


Package of 3 spiffy LGC postcards to send off to your various national, state, and local politicos. Just like the mailer with 3 times more potential influence.

Free! Enter the coupon code from the membership portal to get $1.00 off!

If you are feeling lazy or don’t mind donating to the cause, $1.00.

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There has never been a better time to be a letter writer for firearm owners of all political persuasions.

We would say that is particularly true for our membership, since we aren’t easily pigeon-holed as “typical” 2A Activists.

(if you know what I mean).

Package of 3 postcards, just like we mailed to you a couple months ago.

Without the letter, I’m finding it right now and will post it once I do…

Replenish your supply or start out fresh; we need to let lawmakers know that their constituencies have an interest in gun rights. We also need to break that stereotype mentioned above, of 2A folks being exclusively aligned with the political right.

Progressive gun owners? Damn Right!