LGC Chamber Safety Flag- Rimfire Cartridge


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“Lock all actions open.”

“Remove all cartridges and magazines from your firearm.”

“Place your chamber safety flag in the empty chamber so that the chamber flag is clearly visible.”

If you are a rimfire shooter, sometimes this means a struggle to fit a centerfire sized chamber flag into a rimfire chamber. And if it’s an airgun, Fuggetaboutit!

Enter the LGC rimfire chamber flag. Easily fits into any smallbore rimfire chamber, or airgun.

Chamber flags make it easier for Line RSO’s to verify that your firearm is unloaded and project an image of range safety consciousness.

As you may know, chamber flags tend to migrate into any bag you are likely to take to the range. Yet sometimes they mysteriously disappear when you need one. Stack the odds in your favor!

LGC branded chamber safety flags, Logo one side, slogan on the other. Blaze orange because blaze orange.

Fits all .17 and .22 caliber rimfire firearms  and airguns. American made.

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