Dummy Rounds


Economy Dummy rounds for teaching and training.


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Developed by Manufacturing Specialties for Hunter Safety Classes; these dummy rounds “Do The Job” at a fraction of the cost of more conventional dummy rounds.

What’s the difference?

Well first of all, many of you will cry “FUDD!” since 5.56 or 9mm aren’t available. They probably won’t be coming from this manufacturer any time soon. If they do, we will certainly bring them into the store.

However For Those Of Us Who Appreciate Tradition…

These dummy rounds are much lighter than other dummy rounds.

I am not sure if these are rated as “Snap Caps”, so if you try that proceed with caution.

These are great for teaching safe loading and unloading techniques. If you are an LGC instructor the 22LR caliber will be invaluable.

You might also try them for reloading drills for your tactical or home defense shotgun or 38/.357 revolver.

They cycle great through a Winchester 1897 pump, so it’s my best guess that they will work fine in your pump gun.

For Semi-autos you will need to cycle the action by the charging handle. So in that sense, they aren’t any different that the pricey ones.

Available in 22LR, 38 Special, 20 gauge and 12 gauge.