An artifact of both a steady stream of content and press engagement is that we get a fair number of solicitations, most of which are spam, either trying to sell us services (websites, ads, whatever) or trying to pay us to do link exchanges. We take our mission pretty seriously, so most of those are tossed in the bin without so much as a reply.

Now and then, one of these solicitations is both persistent and sincere.

A few weeks ago, a nice person sent many direct emails and web inquiries, we politely declined at first, but then, instead of a robot with a form email generator, and actual person responded. After some back and forth, it seemed legit, and we agreed that we could do a review, but it wouldn’t be guaranteed to be positive. Imagine my surprise when the holster showed up in the mail at the office.

So, without further ado, here is our review of the Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster!

I have been carrying a striker fired, S&W Shield since shortly after we started teaching our defensive pistol class, and it came with a couple holsters, including an Alien Gear. The one I settled on that came with the gun, was a kydex IWB of unknown provenance. It met my needs with regards to ease of disarming, while still giving me retention and keeping its shape (Kydex after all) allowing reholstering with ease. But it had some construction issues, and bolts became loose after extended wear, requiring lock tite. Decent holster, but a little big:

When the Concealement Express arrived, it solved the “big” problem quite nicely.

So I figured, let’s give it a month of everyday wear, and see what happens.

It’s slim, and it’s comfortable, both with and without a T-shirt between the gun and my squishy love handles, which has been a problem with other holsters.

It clips in, and off, very easily while still maintaining retention. I usually disarm right to the quick access safe, and this makes the process pretty painless.

It conceals well, without extra material. The gun unholsters without handguns and then re-holsters seemlesslessly in training exercises. Solid, covers the trigger, doesn’t snag, and helps minimize printing over my earlier holsters.

I could not initially figure out the adjustable cant (no manual came with my evaluation holster). Luckily they have a YouTube video:

A good holster should secure the weapon, cover the trigger, and not have any bolts that could engage the trigger while holstered. This does all those things.

The price point from the website is ~35 dollars (the MSRP seems to be $70). At that price, I probably would have bought one to try, and been pleasantly surprised.

I like it. I hope they keep the less expensive price point.

The sent us this copy to include with the review:

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