Ireland, Spain and Norway to recognize the Palestinian State.

The Republic of Ireland has officially recognised a Palestinian state - a move which the taoiseach (Irish prime minister) has described as "important and historic". Both Hamas and its rival, the Palestinian Authority, have welcomed the recognition. The Palestinian flag has now been raised at Leinster House, the seat of the Irish parliament. Israel recalled its ambassador to Ireland in response to the country's planned recognition of a Palestinian state and claims the move encourages terrorism and further instability. Norway and Spain have also announced that they will recognise a Palestinian state. In a statement on Tuesday, the Irish government said it recognised "Palestine as a sovereign and independent state and agreed to establish full diplomatic relations between Dublin and Ramallah". It said an ambassador would be appointed "along with a full Embassy of Ireland in Ramallah".

Taoiseach Simon Harris said the decision was about "keeping hope alive". "It is about believing that a two-state solution is the only way for Israel and Palestine to live side by side in peace and security," he said. "We had wanted to recognise Palestine at the end of a peace process however we have made this move alongside Spain and Norway to keep the miracle of peace alive. "I again call on Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel to listen to the world and stop the humanitarian catastrophe we are seeing in Gaza."
The Ireland Israel Alliance is a non-profit organisation based in Dublin, which says it aims to "bring clarity to public perception of issues surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict" and "ensure such issues receive fair and impartial treatment within the Irish media". "Today is a very sad day for Ireland-Israel relations and indeed for the nation of Ireland, as almost eight months since the horrors of 7 October," it said in a statement. "Our political leaders have decided the reward for Palestinian terrorism should be the recognition of a Palestinian state. "The Ireland Israel Alliance opposes the recognition of a Palestinian state as do so many others here in Ireland, including the vast majority of Ireland's beleaguered Jewish community." The organisation added that it was concerned about anti-semitism in Ireland.

Former Irish justice minister Alan Shatter, who is Jewish, said there had been a "continuing escalation of anti-semitism" in Ireland since 7 October, when Hamas attacked Israel and killed about 1,200 people. He criticised the move to recognise a Palestinian state. "This announcement sends the wrong message - if you commit atrocities, you will get some reward," he told BBC News NI. "It is a bizarre situation. It is political theatre and offers no assistance to ending the conflict. "I have for many years advocated for a two-state solution of Palestinians and Israelis living side by side."

When the three countries complete recognition there will be 145 nations that recognize the State of Palestine. Up to now Sweden has been the only EU country that recognized the Palestinian State, this adds more pressure to Netanyahu and his right wing government to resolve the conflict.
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Re: Ireland, Spain and Norway to recognize the Palestinian State.

I wonder if the recognition will go as far as the recognizing nations withholding military and financial support of Israel to make it stick. It's one thing to give tacit support (talk the talk) but quite another to actually take effective action against the miscreants. Walk the walk. I support Israel in trying to stomp the crap out of Hamas but murdering thousands of civilians just because they might look like Hamas or speak the same language has got to stop.

Tyrants disarm the people they intend to oppress. Hope is not a Plan.

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