UpLULA® universal pistol magazine loader 9mm – .45ACP


Back to shooting my semi auto handguns and I have noticed that as I got older all of a sudden my hand strength for loading magazines has gotten to be....not as good as it was. Just picked up a Maglula Uplula magazine loader and *WoW* has this helped. It's only supposed to load mags between 9mm and 45 acp but this thing makes it a painless snap to load even my .380 acp and .32 acp magazines - even the high cap 13+ round mags are painless and simple now even at the last few rounds.
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Highly recommended and I have no idea why I waited so long to put one of these in my range bag. It was taking me longer to load mags than to actually practice the last time I went to the range without this loader not to mention the sore fingers and cursing trying to load the 13th round into a double stack .380 magazine. Highly recommended especially for old people like mice elf!

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