Re: 3 injured in Burlington, Vermont shooting

Chief Jon Murad said on Sunday afternoon local and federal authorities were back at the shooting scene and detained 48-year-old Jason Eaton.

Murad said detectives worked to get a search warrant for Eaton’s home in the apartment building in front of which the shooting took place. A judge granted the search warrant.

Police believe evidence collected during that search warrant, and additional evidence developed during the course of this investigation, gave investigators and prosecutors probable cause to believe Eaton was the man behind the shooting. He has been arrested and is expected to be arraigned Monday.

The mayor and chief will hold a press conference on Monday. ... g/45949247

Tragic, I hope they all recover. One of the young men was shot in the spine. The three students were school mates at a Quaker school in Ramallah in the West Bank.
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Re: 3 injured in Burlington, Vermont shooting

The shooter Jason Eaton pled not guilty yesterday and was denied bail.
The Vermont man charged with shooting three Palestinian college students had been fired from his financial services job just weeks earlier — as it emerged that he previously served as a Boy Scout leader. Jason Eaton, 48, from Burlington, who has pleaded not guilty to three counts of attempted murder in Saturday’s shootings, was terminated from his role as a sales assistant at CUSO Financial Services on Nov. 8 after working there less than a year, the company said Monday, according to the Boston Globe. “We are horrified by the shooting and are cooperating with law enforcement as they investigate. We have no further comment,” a CUSO spokeswoman said. She declined to say why Eaton was let go. Eaton’s recent employment history also included stints at Ameritrade in Fayetteville, New York, where he worked for less than two years, and at Edward Jones in East Syracuse, New York, where he was employed for under a year, according to Financial Industry Regulatory Authority records.
Eaton also listed additional jobs on his LinkedIn profile he had occupied over the years, including a farmer and craftsman, a night cleaner at a noodle shop, and a “social entrepreneur.” Under “Volunteer Work,” Eaton wrote that he worked as a den leader with the Boy Scouts of America from 2017 to 2022. The Boy Scouts of America confirmed to the Globe that Eaton had served as an assistant scoutmaster at a now-defunct troop in Syracuse, and was last registered with the organization in New York in 2021 when he voluntarily stopped being a member. Eaton is not currently a member of the Boy Scouts of America, the group said.
Eaton moved to Burlington over the summer from Syracuse and legally purchased the Ruger .380 pistol used in the shooting, Murad told reporters. “I am just shocked by the whole thing,” said Eaton’s mother, Mary Reed. “I can’t believe he would do something like this.” Federal agents found the gun and a loaded magazine containing five rounds in Eaton’s bedroom dresser, according to a police affidavit. Eaton came to the door holding his palms up and told the officers he’d been waiting for them. Reed told the Daily Beast on Monday that her son had previously struggled with depression, but described him as a “kind and loving person” who seemed to be doing much better over the Thanksgiving holiday. ... re-attack/
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Re: 3 injured in Burlington, Vermont shooting

Serial failure turned serial shooter. In a more developed country this individual could have received better care and support to make positive changes in his life. But here in the United States he gets passed on from one group to another, like a bad note. I blame the shooter for his frustrations turned hatred. But I also understand what causes and individual to “falling down” in this way. And it’s true that in other countries this would have been a random stabbing rather than shooting, possibly no worse a result in this case.
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Re: 3 injured in Burlington, Vermont shooting

One of the three college students of Palestinian descent who were shot in Vermont last month is paralyzed from the chest down after a bullet lodged in his spine, the student's family said. Hisham Awartani, a 20-year-old student at Brown University who grew up in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, was walking with two friends near the University of Vermont campus in Burlington on Nov. 25 when police say 48-year-old Jason Eaton shot them with a handgun in a suspected hate crime. Eaton has pleaded not guilty.

Tahseen Aliahmad, who attends Haverford College in Pennsylvania, and Kinnan Abdalhamid, who attends Trinity College in Connecticut, were expected to make a full recovery. But Awartani - whose grandmother the three 20-year-olds had been visiting over Thanksgiving break from school - received a much graver prognosis, according to a statement his family wrote for a fundraiser to offset his medical expenses. "He has demonstrated remarkable courage, resilience and fortitude - even a sense of humor - even as the reality of his paralysis sets in," Awartani's family wrote on their GoFundMe page, which had raised over $200,000 as of Sunday morning.

Awartani, who is Palestinian-Irish-American, according to the fundraiser, hopes to start his next semester of college on time despite his paralysis, the family's note said. The shooting came amid a surge in anti-Islamic, anti-Arab and antisemitic incidents and threats reported around the United States since a conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas erupted on Oct. 7. Eaton has been charged with attempted murder and is being held without bond while authorities investigate whether the Vermont shooting was a hate crime. The students were wearing black-and-white Palestinian keffiyeh scarves and conversing in a mix of English and Arabic when the gunman confronted them, according to charging documents filed in court. ... 023-12-03/

That's tragic. Brown University is one of the Ivies with a medical school, so he'll have access to good medical care.
"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts." - Daniel Patrick Moynihan

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