Crescent buttstock

I posted this in another thread that had a lot going on, so I thought I'd start a dedicated thread on my problem.

Love my Rossi 92 in 44 mag. Can shoot all day offhand or seated. Try to shoot 5 rounds from the bench to sight it in? Shoulder killing me for a day.

It's the crescent buttstock. Not designed for that kind of shooting. Anyone else have this trouble. More important, anyone have the solution. I'd like to be able to shoot from the bench at least sometimes with this thing.

Re: Crescent buttstock

If you're going to shoot it from the bench, buy yourself one of the leather slip on recoil pads. There are some that change the shape of the rear of the butt, and really save your shoulder.
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Re: Crescent buttstock

"Sighting in", besides aligning the sights to look where the gun wants to put bullets, also demonstrates the capabilities of that particular gun/load. You might not find that there is an ammo out there just right for you and your rifle by shooting offhand, even with a 5' mono/bipod. That dating process is best done on a solid foundation. You also won't learn your limits and capabilities. Is it just me, or is it my ammo? ... ction-pad/

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