McGarrett shoulder holster defies gravity.

I've been watching Season 1 of the original Hawaii Five-0, and when McGarrett takes his jacket off, he's wearing this weird shoulder holster.
How does it stay on? I've been all around the internet and can't find a good answer. My best guess is whatever he uses to keep his hair up like that is also keeping his shoulder holster up.
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Also, McGarrett is a serious coffee fiend in the show -- I don't think I picked up on that as a kid.

Re: McGarrett shoulder holster defies gravity.

There are so many different types of shoulder holsters, most seem to be horizontal ones but the originals were vertical ones. It appears Jack Lord wore a vertical revolver shoulder holster. In this photo the strap over his left and right shoulder are visible.

If he was carrying a stage/prop pistol made of rubber or plastic there was next to no weight and if he wasn't moving very much it would probably have sat on his shoulder. Or an adhesive to stick it to his shirt. BKinsey worked in the industry, he might know.
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