Legal experts stunned as more Trump classified docs discovered – at a Florida storage facility

Attorneys for Donald Trump have located more classified documents, in addition to the 300 that federal agents retrieved while executing a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago. These newly discovered classified documents were sent from a federal office building in Washington, D.C. to a private external storage facility in West Palm Beach, Florida, which is near the ex-president's resort and residence..

The stunning revelation of more classified documents being found, even after a Trump attorney attested in June they had been told by the ex-president there were no more classified documents, comes after Trump's attorneys hired a third party to search four of his properties for classified documents.

The Washington Post, which first reported on the additional classified documents, adds, "emails show that GSA [the federal General Services Administration] and Trump staffers worked together to arrange to ship several pallets of boxes and other items weighing more than 3,000 pounds from Northern Virginia to the Florida storage unit in September 2021."
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Now he will declare that he didn't know about any of the classified documents and the investigations are just a witch hunt.
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Re: Legal experts stunned as more Trump classified docs discovered – at a Florida storage facility

We keep being asked to give this privileged asshat the benefit of the doubt even when he has repeatedly shown himself to be an unrepentant liar. It’s infuriating watching racial bias operate in this country.
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Re: Legal experts stunned as more Trump classified docs discovered – at a Florida storage facility

Two documents with classified markings were found in a Florida storage unit during a search by a team hired by former President Donald Trump’s lawyers, a person familiar with the situation told CNN. Those documents were handed over to the FBI. No other documents with classified markings were found during a search of four of Trump’s properties, the source said.

The discovery of the documents was first reported by The Washington Post. The team of two searched Trump Tower in New York, the Bedminster golf club and two other properties amid lingering concerns from the Justice Department that not all documents had been returned to the federal government. The four searches, which were carried out in recent weeks, were overseen by Trump’s legal team, a source familiar the matter told CNN. Trump’s attorneys offered to let federal investigators observe the search at his Bedminster property, but that offer was declined. Given the Justice Department’s response, Trump lawyers did not make a similar offer for the search of the other properties.

It would be highly unusual for the Justice Department to observe searches that aren’t conducted by law enforcement. The department declined to comment. Steven Cheung, a spokesman for Trump, said the former president and his counsel “continue to be cooperative and transparent.” It is unclear what the subsequent contact between the Trump legal team and federal investigators has been since the searches.

CNN previously reported exclusively that Trump’s legal team was considering allowing federal agents to search Mar-a-Lago again to satisfy Justice demands that all sensitive government documents were returned. The matter was addressed in a court proceeding this fall where the Justice Department asked a judge to issue an order compelling the Trump team to arrange for another search. ... index.html
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Re: Legal experts stunned as more Trump classified docs discovered – at a Florida storage facility

Mark Dec 21, 2022 on your calendar - J6 report and criminal referrals to drop is scheduled. I hope televised as they will be open voting on referrals from what I've read. Report will be available on line and pertinent findings + referrals should make for another fine day for the orange fat fuck.

ADDENDUM: BTW, borrowing a line from another thread "I'm stunned anyone is stunned" by this news about more docs. i have no doubts docs are like cookie crumbs wherever the turd roams.
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Re: Legal experts stunned as more Trump classified docs discovered – at a Florida storage facility

Justice Department seeking to hold Trump in contempt over classified documents
The Justice Department is asking a federal judge to hold Donald Trump in contempt of court for failing to comply with a subpoena issued this summer ordering the former president to turn over records marked classified, two sources familiar with the matter told CNN. The development comes after Trump’s legal team said it conducted searches at four locations just before Thanksgiving, finding two documents with classified markings at a storage facility in Florida. The Trump team turned over those two documents to the FBI and announced to a federal judge in Washington, DC, that they believed Trump was now in compliance with a 6-month-old subpoena.

But the Justice Department disagreed. And in an escalation last week, department prosecutors told DC District Chief Judge Beryl Howell, who oversees federal grand jury proceedings there, that the searches weren’t satisfactory. The contempt proceedings before Howell are under seal. The proceedings ratchet up the pressure on Trump as he faces possible criminal liability in the Mar-a-Lago documents investigation being conducted by special counsel Jack Smith. It also adds another chapter to the ongoing struggle for federal officials to reclaim government records – especially those that contain national security secrets – from Trump after his administration ended.

In January and June, the Trump team turned over boxes and an envelope of federal records, including some marked as classified. Federal agencies had been seeking their return for months, and the Justice Department issued a subpoena that asked for documents marked as classified in May. Even after the subpoena, investigators found reason to search Mar-a-Lago, seizing 33 more boxes of records, including more than 100 documents marked classified. More recently, prosecutors have insisted that sensitive government documents are still missing and that Trump was obligated to return them.

The Justice Department has not disclosed to Trump’s legal team which materials it believes have not been returned, according to one source. A hearing is set for Friday, when Howell will consider whether to hold Trump and his post-presidency office in contempt of court. If held in contempt, he could rack up fines. Being held in contempt over subpoenas for documents has become a feature of Trump’s court tangles since he left office. ... index.html
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