Russia says it will need 5 million troops for victory in Ukraine

According to Ukraine's armed forces, Russia's military is circulating a document called "Conclusions of the war with NATO in Ukraine," which declares that 5 million Russian troops must be deployed in order for Russia to win, Ukrayinska Pravda reports.
During a briefing, deputy head of the Main Operative Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Oleksii Hromov, said that the document says the main problems of the Russian occupying forces are "the commanders’ inability to command troops, low level of discipline and military training, obsolescence of armament and military equipment, commanders’ inability to make decisions without obligatorily coordinating them with higher command etc."
Full article with links to the report at: ... n-ukraine/

To put this in perspective, total number of US military troops fighting in Europe/North Africa was 1.5 million in WWII, that was to defeat the German military forces. Granted we weren't the only country fighting in WWII. But the Russians are saying they need 5 million to defeat the much smaller country of the Ukraine.
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Re: Russia says it will need 5 million troops for victory in Ukraine


Leave aside the well-documented problems training and arming 300,000 mobiks so far, recycling uniforms of conscripts from the Donbas and so on. By their numbers, it would take several years and a transition to a whole-nation war economy like the Allies in WWII to support the military forces needed to subjugate Ukraine. Assuming no escalation in western intervention.

But wait! They called this a war against NATO! NATO currently fields 3.5 million soldiers ad support personnel, en toto. The Russian Federation has an estimated population of 147 million. The EU is roughly three times that size, just shy of 447 million and six times the GDP. Add non-EU NATO members like Norway, Turkiye, the UK and US and you get more than double the population and GDP.

Sounds like the military is laying the groundwork for a frozen conflict or even withdrawal under terms. Unfortunately, history suggests that this would only be a short-term ceasefire to rebuild forces to the necessary level before coming back with a vengeance, a la Chechnya. Either that, or the army turns on the internal security forces and looks for the brooms- oprichnina style.

Re: Russia says it will need 5 million troops for victory in Ukraine

I frequently watch videos from Beau of the Fifth Column on YouTube. Beau (his actual name appears to be Justin) has on several occasions noted that having enough of an army to attack and enough of an army to occupy are VERY different challenges.

It doesn't appear that Russia had anywhere NEAR enough of an army to occupy Ukraine. The losses in the Russian military ranks over the last eight months are apparently more severe than during the German offensive of the early 1940s, and staggering by any account. The problems the Russians are having getting people to join the military--even by coercion--suggest that they long ago lost the ability to win any war waged on Ukraine, and that it's only a matter of time before the entire country collapses if Putin keeps pushing for his imperialistic adventure.

Of course, a LOT of other folks are suffering due to what history books may eventually call "Putin's folly." Sadly, comparative punishment against Putin will not be possible.
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Re: Russia says it will need 5 million troops for victory in Ukraine

BearPaws wrote: Sat Nov 26, 2022 7:47 pm
papajim2jordan wrote: Sat Nov 26, 2022 7:51 am We could send them that many Trumpublicans. Might not help Russia much, but it'd sure help me.

To Russia, with love.
Send them with red uniforms with the logo of that department store chain out of Minneapolis on them, too.

You know, "Tar-jay."


The Trumpers are talkers not fighters, Putin could always designate them political commissars in army units spreading his propaganda. They'd likely get fragged very quickly.
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