Re: Target practice on an asteroid: NASA DART live

CDFingers wrote: Mon Sep 26, 2022 6:59 pm Yeah--I think this is so cool. Space junkie, I am.

It's clearly getting bigger.

I was a really nerdy space junkie fifty years ago. My legal surname matches that of the first guy to set foot on the Moon, so, well, of COURSE I was interested. My paternal grandfather (a Chemistry professor at William & Mary for about sixty years) spent a couple summers working on an assortment of extra-terran projects for NASA, so I had some almost-inside-information on some of the science involved, too.

My own life has taken me in other directions, so I'm not quite as immersed as I was, but I still find it really cool that humans can do stuff like this!
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Re: Target practice on an asteroid: NASA DART live

Proof of concept accomplished with economy model Dart previously slated to be used in a demolition derby by two-time regional champion, Jeremy “Mad Dog” Spanner, of Scanton, PA.
Actual vehicle with enough mass to “save the world” purported to be a self-driving Mack Truck, loaded with ten Dodge Darts of varying shades, currently being developed by NASA and two other companies owned by Elon Musk:
The new vehicle (and all the payload vehicles) will softly land on a killer asteroid and repeated play the theme to, “The Dukes of Hazzard,” until either the asteroid changes direction in search of another planet more likely to host intelligent life or it simply self-destructs. NASA said the inspiration for this idea actually came from a classic Vietnam War film often mistakenly attributed to Oliver Stone by Millennials but actually directed by the American genius Francis Ford Coppola who would go on to claim several Academy Awards in his illustrious career as a filmmaker.
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