Suggestions for a IWB Carry for CZ 75 Compact

I have been shopping around for a new IWB carry and have narrowed it down to a CZ 75 Compact w/De-cocker. For the last 5 years I have been carrying a Kimber Ultra Carry II in 45acp. I think that now I am ready to up my bullet count from 8 to 16. Quite frankly, the recoil was a little unpleasant.
Back on topic. I don't like the kind that one has to run a belt through. I prefer just a single clip on with a leather or cloth backing.
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Re: Suggestions for a IWB Carry for CZ 75 Compact

My EDC is a 75D PCR, which is quite similar (if not the same model, if I put more of the CZ letters there). Over the last two years, my EDC has evolved from a P10S to a P10C to a P07 to the PCR, and even though the PCR is heavier than any of the rest, it's my favorite of the lot.

Caveat: I know you prefer cloth or leather backing and a single clip, and wonder if that suggests that you prefer AIWB to Strong Side IWB.

My IWB holster (strong side, not appendix, because I'm not a skinny guy and it's more comfortable--I also worked as a carpenter for a few years and am used to reaching for tools in that quadrant) is an Aliengear Cloak Tuck 3.5, which has two clips rather than one. The synthetic side against skin (or usually a nylon-blend t-shirt) works well for me, and I can change out the shell for another pistol in my inventory if I want (I don't do this very often--the other pistol I'm likely to carry IWB has its own complete holster).

The cant is semi-adjustable, of course. Aliengear says I can tuck my shirt in with this holster, but I find that doing so prints a bit more than I'd prefer.

The only thing I dislike about this holster (for ME, of course, YMMV) is that it tends to slide toward 4:30 or 5:00 from 3:30 with certain p@nt$ choices (the material is a little "slick").
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