President of Belarus threatens to 'target capitals' in West

Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko used a speech on Saturday to threaten military retaliation against anybody who attacked his country, as tensions over the war in neighbouring Ukraine remained high.

Speaking on the eve of the country's Independence Day, Lukashenko said that he had ordered his armed forces to target "the decision-making centres" of Western capitals in the event of an attack on Belarus, adding: "Don't touch us - and we won't touch you," according to state news agency Belta. ... s-in-west/

Putin's Puppet is what some would call saber rattling, but in his case it is more like butter knife rattling.
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Re: President of Belarus threatens to 'target capitals' in West

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday told his counterpart from Belarus that Moscow would supply Minsk with missile systems capable of carrying nuclear weapons, the Russian foreign ministry said. At a meeting with Putin in St Petersburg, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko expressed concern about the "aggressive", "confrontational" and "repulsive" policies of its neighbours Lithuania and Poland.

He asked Putin to help Belarus mount a "symmetrical response" to what he said were nuclear-armed flights by the U.S.-led NATO alliance near Belarus' borders. Putin said he saw no need at present for a symmetrical response, but that Belarus' Russian-built Su-25 jets could, if necessary, be upgraded in Russian factories. ... 022-06-25/

The distance from Minsk, Belarus to Vilnius, Lithuania is 115 miles and 295 miles to Warsaw.
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