Wisconsin Supreme Court Backs GOP Scheme To Rob Dem Governor Of Appointment Powers

The Wisconsin Supreme Court endorsed a blatant power grab by the Republican-controlled state Senate on Wednesday, using a case focused on technical bureaucratic matters to endorse a scheme to seize control of state boards and commissions by declining to confirm appointments from Democratic Gov. Tony Evers.

In a 4-3 decision, the court’s conservative justices ruled that Fred Prehn, a GOP member of the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board, could remain in his position despite the fact that his term ended more than a year ago, simply because the state Senate has not yet confirmed the replacement appointed by Evers.

Prehn refused to leave the role at the scheduled end of his term in May 2021, arguing that it is not technically vacant until his replacement is confirmed. The Republican-controlled legislature, meanwhile, is not confirming many of Evers’ appointments, creating an inescapable Catch-22 that effectively robs the Democratic governor of his appointment power.
More here:
https://www.huffpost.com/entry/Wiscons ... 9334e59221

Well this maybe the latest ploy the Repugs will copy state to state.
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