Former Trump aide brazenly admits to fake elector scheme on national TV -- but says 'everything was done legally'

A former White House aide admitted Friday night on national TV that he helped organize a campaign to submit fake electoral certificates from several states that falsely claimed former president Donald Trump won the 2020 election.

Boris Epshteyn, who was subpoenaed this week by the House Select Committee investigating the Capitol insurrection, told MSNBC: "Yes, I was part of the process to make sure there were alternate electors for when, as we hoped, the challenges to the seated electors would be heard and be successful."

Epshteyn went on to claim that "everything that was done was done legally, by the Trump legal team, according to the rules, and under the leadership of (Trump lawyer) Rudy Giuliani."

CNN first reported Thursday that Giuliani "oversaw efforts in December 2020 to put forward illegitimate electors from seven states that Trump lost, according to three sources with direct knowledge of the scheme."

"The sources said members of former President Donald Trump's campaign team were far more involved than previously known in the plan, a core tenet of the broader plot to overturn President Joe Biden's victory when Congress counted the electoral votes on January 6," CNN reported.

At least two state attorneys general have referred investigations into the fake electoral certificates to the Department of Justice.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, a Democrat, has said she believes those who signed the certificates violated multiple state and federal laws.

Just admitting to committing election fraud. Rudy and TOT aren't going to be happy with this.

I loved David Corn's tweet
Judge: Did you steal the money?
Bank robber: I took alternate ownership of the funds.
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Re: Former Trump aide brazenly admits to fake elector scheme on national TV -- but says 'everything was done legally'

I don't know if Epshteyn has a law degree, but if he does, he needs to have it rescinded. Because he doesn't know the law at all.
Or he does, and being the totally unprincipled asshole he is, who grew up under a totally corrupt government, truly believes anything goes.
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