Re: Primers available?

I thought I got lucky this week when I found Cheddite shotshell primers in stock on a Dog Training products website. Couldn't get them into the cart though, so I called and they lady said they were sold out after all. I asked if she knew when they might have more in stock and she told me that all the primer factory employees had decided to stay on unemployment because they can just make more money off the government than if they work.
I'm sure that's it.
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Re: Primers available?

I received a notice some large rifle primers were in at a vendor. Looked and it was $259 for a 1000. I passed. Almost 26 cents a primer, not ready for those prices at that quantity anyway. Is this going to be the new normal?

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Re: Primers available?

Just found CCI #41 small rifle primers (labelled for 5.56 ammo) at Midway; $90 / 1k box + shipping/handling/hazmat, limit 1 box per order.
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Re: Primers available?

I almost pulled the trigger on 6 lbs of powder today at reasonable prices - $200 minimum order on the site though - flat $30 shipping.

Ultimately, I couldn’t do it, though I only have a quarter lb of 2400 & it was hard to find even before COVID. I keep scoring h110; but I need 2400 for my .45 colt hunting load. I find it to be a nice mid-range magnum powder, where h110 likes to run a full case at near max, with a heavy bullet for caliber. My Henry won’t cycle 300 gr. Bullets.

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