New vid of Tennessee deputies disarming black man for "officer safety" in 2019

Started with a dispute between neighbors in Shelby County. A male family member who was open carrying shows up at a relative's home where a deputy, who was talking with other occupants of the home, notices his sidearm and draws his service weapon as the man tries to light a cigarette. This starts a verbal dispute. The video goes into TN law on carry, the circumstances under which the police legally can disarm non-LEOs, and case law.

The new video has been edited for clarity and includes narration.
TCA §39-17-1351-

Embody v. Ward-

City of Ladue v. Gilleo-

Stanley v. Georgia-

TCA §39-17-305-

U.S. v. Avery-

Houston v. Clark County Sheriff Deputy -

United States v. Sharpe-
Original video posted by the victim in 2019:

Re: New vid of Tennessee deputies disarming black man for "officer safety" in 2019

Peace Officers apparently felt they should disarm the individual under TCA §87-65-4321- “Carrying of Firearm while Black,” only to learn that no such statute exists in Tennessee nor any other state in the union.

Have to admit, watching that video made me real nervous that another black man was going to get shot by police on his own property.
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