Sig P320 X Full

I've finally broken my streak of only buying CZ handguns and picked up a Sig P320. Kygunco had them for pretty much pre pandemic pricing on their website and I couldn't say no. Went and finally picked it up at my lgs today and then ran out to the range to give it a go.
It feels nice in the hand, the trigger is decent and breaks at 90 degrees. As out of the box striker fired triggers go I'd give it a pretty decent score, however I feel like the triggers on my P10C and P10F blow it out of the water, but it's better than my Shield and the other M&Ps I've shot. Don't have any trigger time with a glock so I can't compare them.
The front sight is very easy to pick up and I thought were overall excellent, haven't seen how bright they are yet as they are tritium sights (front blade is FO and tritium vial). I actually liked them quite a bit. It does have an optics plate but I'm kind of on the fence about adding a red dot since I thought the sights were really well done.

It came with two 17 round mags and I picked up more act-mags from gregcotellc (way cheaper than the sig branded ones) and they worked perfectly. Ran about 10 mags through the gun total and then had to call it quits since I only brought about 250 rounds with me. Ran a couple mags through my other full size polymer guns as well to get a baseline and the Sig performed just as well. Though I am still partial to the CZs more. I will say being used to the lower bore axis on my CZ guns there was more muzzle flip than I was used to at first, not a ton but it took about a mag to adjust for follow on shots. Overall pretty pleased with the purchase.

Re: Sig P320 X Full

I bought the same thing for my son for his 26th B'day. Once he has all the paperwork in place for me to "gift" it to him to be in keeping with CA's "off-roster" law.
I BTW, the grip module on the X Full is the Carry grip module, not the full-size grip module. So you can use it with a Carry/Compact slide assembly, or if you get a compact conversion kit it will all fit nicely.

I have the P320 RX compact myself. Like it very much.
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