Re: 45 degree offset iron sights

I have a pair, and I think they unnecessarily clutter up the rifle - I took them off.

I keep extra batteries for the optic in the handle compartment.

I think a QD optic and the Magpul flip Up BUIS is a cleaner option. I’ve used the Magpuls BUIS for many years and they are reliable and true.

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Re: 45 degree offset iron sights

I don't have experience with the bullpup, but I did have the offset sights on my AR for a bit and I didn't really like them- they were hang-up / tangle-up hazard and just seemed to clutter things up. I DID like shooting with them though- turning the rifle to 45 degrees is surprisingly natural-feeling, and within 100 yards my accuracy was fine. Eventually I just moved my normal flip-up BUIS to the 45 degree slots on my forend and that was better because they stayed out of the way. Now I just run them topside with the rear BUIS forward of my optic (PA 3x Prism) and keep a tool in the pistol grip compartment to remove my optic if need be.
That optics planet deal is a good one, though, so maybe just pick them up to try them? Fortunately by the time Optics Planet ships them to you you'll have had PLENTY of time to think about it.
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Re: 45 degree offset iron sights

Can these be good on tactical leverguns?
Just in case the primary iron sights fail during an intense hunt?

I can see these working well with my back-up pump shotgun also. You never know when you might have to shoot from prone behind cover and have to send one long to take out multiple attackers.

Of course I wouldn’t take my shotgun out on a hunt. My job at the Mall of the America’s requires that I consider all scenarios, in order to keep the shoppers safe during this increasingly unpredictable time of pandemic and social instability. Because of course All lives Matter in my line of work.

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Re: 45 degree offset iron sights

lurker wrote: Wed May 12, 2021 11:54 pm i have a set of "normal" backup iron sights on the way for the bullpup polytech but i keep seeing these and can't help but wonder if they'd be just as good, maybe even better? anyone have experience with them? or is this just something people use to hang more stuff on their fore-ends? ... t-set.html
($2 cheaper at barska's site but out of stock.)
Just a side note: i have had TERRIBLE experiences with optics planet. They're literally 30 minutes from me, and I have had packages not show up for months, and one that looks like it may not show up at all. They don't care about their customers and drag on refunds for 6-8 weeks and have terrible customer service. I'd recommend spending a few extra bucks and buying from a place that cares about their customers.

Re: 45 degree offset iron sights

M4 "carry handles" are only called that colloquially.
They are not intended to fit a hand through.
Even the original m16a1 isn't really a carry handle, but you can fit your hand through those, because the upper receiver never had a pic rail to deal with. Lot more room.
The "carry handle" is actually the original charging handle guard, and after they redesigned the charging handle, they just carried over the rear sight and "carry handle"
You can see how much smaller the slot is, because of the pic rail, and they needed to keep the rear sight the same height over bore. Put the pic rail is there, and the detachable sight needs a robust mount for the pic rail, they both take up some of space,
But like I said it's not a carry handle, that's just a nickname that is not exactly correct, but stuck anyways. Hands are not ment to fit through it.

Also, they are designed for a certain sight radius based on the ar height over bore, so if you mount the front sight very close to the rear sight, the geometry will not be easy to adapt.
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