Re: Anybody got an extra $3300 for a Manurhin MR73?

INVICTVS138 wrote: Thu May 06, 2021 11:35 am Overpriced Ruger GP 100 with an action/match trigger job. I had a distributor exclusive GP 100 that was a half-lug, magna ported with a match tuned action job, that I competed in USPSA revolver division with ... I found it to be definitely the equal of any .357 I have shot before or since, including vintage Smiths, Korths & Pythons. ...but this type of thing is subjective.

I had a Ruger Security Six 357 6 inch barrel That I had a gunsmith work on the action for target shooting. I was shooting with a friend at the range one afternoon and he was bragging about his Colt Python. We decided to swap gunned and see which one we liked best. I shot the Python, it was nice but not that much better than the Ruger and definitely not as sturdy. He shot my Ruger and then looked at me and said that it shot as well if not a little better than the Python. The Python was like a Rolex. The Ruger was like a Timex. You don't expect a Rolex to take a beating and keep on ticking like a Timex.

Unfortunately, I sold the Ruger, to my boss at the time, when we adopted our son and wife said no guns till he is grown.
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