Winchester Model 67

One of the six in a gun buy. This one is really cool the more I read about it. Never saw one before this came along. It has the same sorta flag safety as the 03A3.
It will be going to my grandson or grand daughter when they get old enough to shoot.

This is so easy to break down and clean. Unscrewed the break down screw and it does look like someone put on another coat of varnish. I heard they came with a varnish so it does not matter. Nice and clean for sitting around for lord knows how many years. Its pre war with no serial numbers. Owner said he bought it as a teenager.
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Re: Winchester Model 67

Those old single-shot .22’s are of a different era and cool in their own right. Be kind with the bolt handles and don’t be in a hurry or they may break off... and then you’ll be in a world of hurt trying to find a replacement. Oftentimes the young owners abuse these guns thinking they can treat them like semi-autos if they work the bolt fast enough and “snap!” off it comes in the hand. Some of these old guns don’t even have replaceable handles but are solid cast into the bolt assembly! Then you are really well and screwed, going on eBay to find used bolts usually priced as much or more than you paid for the gun itself... welds don’t last on bolt handles.

Ah well. Learn from the mistakes of others. It’s cheaper that way.
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Re: Winchester Model 67

Wish we had a like tab here.
I do like me a single shot. I bet this gun is a tack driver. Long barrel and all. The guy gave me a large box of .22 ammo from short to long rifle.
My first rifle was an Ithaca .22/20 ga over under. Taught you to learn accuracy and not waste shots. Wait, really my first one was grandpa's Steven's Little Scout. First one I bought was the Ithaca. What ever happened to Ithaca?
Anyways there are some good videos of how to break this model 67 down. And the owner of Midway has a video of him doing a total refurbish of one. Not that I love the NRA guy.
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Re: Winchester Model 67

tonguengroover wrote: Tue May 04, 2021 9:04 pm
Crow wrote: Tue May 04, 2021 5:46 pm wow that's a cool little rifle. I'm partial to the Model 72's, which are similar except in the bolt. Perfect rifles for a kid learning the ropes (and adults who like accuracy!!)
Nice score.
Those were tube fed?
Yeah, 14=1 in my 70 and (oddly) 13+1 in my 70A. I've never owned a Winchester single shot .22, though I do have an old Ithaca "lever action" .22 single shot that my boys both started out with. Really there's nothing more fun than a good .22!
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