Ruger 10/22 Sunday Afternoon

A lot of outside work got done today. Beautiful weather, so when I was done I treated myself to an hour with my 10/22. I put the Tech Sights on it a while back and sat in the sun shooting. Spent a little time sighting it in. Then just worked on shooting from sitting position. Just sitting in the grass by myself slowly shooting. Great afternoon. I don't think anything is as relaxing as shooting 22lr.

Seriously, a 10/22 with nice iron sights and a box of Federal bulk cheapo at 25 meters. I love the basics.

I did the Liberty Training Rifle thing with my 10/22 hoping to do an Appleseed event. Haven't been able to yet, but it's my goal for 2021.

Re: Ruger 10/22 Sunday Afternoon

wooglin wrote: Tue May 04, 2021 4:28 pm Need to get me one of those Tech Sights. Which one are you using? Why did you pick it?
I installed the Tech Sights TSR100. Picked it for the simplicity. I am not very adept mechanically but this was a really easy installation. Very easy to adjust the sights, and there is no question this base model 10/22 with bulk ammo and Tech Sights is more accurate than I am. Accurate enough for squirrel hunting without a scope.

Oh yeah, don't forget to get the adjustment tool as well.

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