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Hi, I'm Keith in Durham, NC. I'm a member of the Durham Pistol and rifle club - I'm retired so I get to go to the range at least weekly, usually on weekday mornings when few people are using the range.

Most of my range time is spent on precision rimfire and practicing drills for defensive shooting. I have a Ruger Precision Rimfire .22 rifle and am sometimes allowed to borrow my wife's Ruger Mk IV for rimfire pistol target practice. My CC pistols are 9 MM Springfield Armory XD and XDS - the S is carried with me when riding my bicycle, the XD for most other defensive precautions. I recently bought an S&W AR 15 for my birthday. I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for, the RPR .22 is more fun for target shooting and I'm too old, slow, and creaky for CQB drills. For now, I'm using it as the polar opposite of my precision rimfire shooting - iron sights, standing position vs scoped bench rest.

I used to shoot trap and skeet but gave that up and sold my shotguns as my aging eyes made it increasingly difficult to track flying saucers.

My other gun-related activity is volunteering in a Robin Sage scenario. I get to play a member of a criminal gang and be a vaguely menacing presence (occasionally a clear and present menace) toting an M4, AK or other piece of weaponry (unloaded or blanks, of course).

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:welcome: i'm down the road from you in spencer. we have a fairly active chapter on the evil FB, i prefer the forum, personally. some of us are planning a shoot tomorrow (sunday), PM bigbass4me for details.i shoot at the flintlock valley range, in the uwharrie natl forest, about an hour drive for me, but well worth it.
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Hi from NJ. I lived nearly 6 years in Carrboro.
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