Re: Troops to be pulled out of Afghanistan by 9/11

FrontSight wrote: Thu Apr 15, 2021 5:46 pm ... 2295a44d28

Sounds like a great idea. We've given 3 administrations a crack and I doubt a 4th is going to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Quit throwing good money after bad, and bring the troops home. Fuck Afghanistan, if they want to live in squalor; have at it.
The initial mission was to prevent a place for terrorists to train for possible attacks on the US..I think that has been done.
What's interesting is the hypocrites who slam the Biden plan, in spite of it being almost identical to the trump plan..when they supported the trump the traitor plan...

Re: Troops to be pulled out of Afghanistan by 9/11

Once gone, there's no guarantee the Taliban won't take over again...and there's no guarantee Afghanistan may become a home for extremist organizations again. There are no guarantees in life, but we've given Afghanistan the ole college try and we have mostly failed to de-radicalize that country. Time to leave, and if they get out of line, we take care of it then.
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