Marlin Mod 60 Stainless

Some of you may remember that before the whole lock down, pandemic thing, I was looking for a Marlin Mod 60. After scouring the local pawn shops and going to a gu8n show I was left empty handed. Our Walmarts don't sell guns. I ended up ordering from Cabelas, ship to store, a plane Jane, cheapest I could get with wood stock. It was like $180. It was supposed to ship to store in 8 to 10 days. Right in the middle of those ten days the lock downs occurred and people went crazy buying guns. When I checked on the status of my order it was cancelled. I called Cabelas and they told me they were out of them and wouldn't back order, even though it was in stock when I ordered it. I think somehow the rifle that was mine was sold over the counter before it was pulled to ship to me. Anyhow, fuck Cabelas, I won't do business with them again.

I sort of forgot about it for the last month or so, miffed as I was. Then I happened to look online again recently and found no cheapies available but four SS/Laminates at Buds. I had to join Buds club to get it though. $30. Also transfer, $25. so I'm into this thing a little south of $350, but...

WOW!!! This thing is so much nicer than the blued/wood one. The rear buckhorn is not just stamped sheet steel, the blade folds and the ramp is machined or high quality cast. The front sight is orange fiber with a hood which is a little small IMO but we'll see, its removable. Stock and overall finish is really nice. Carries and handles great. I want to resist scoping this one for quite a while. I love stainless and laminate guns. Can't wait to get this one to the farm and see what the trigger is like this weekend. :love:
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Re: Marlin Mod 60 Stainless

So, new take. This thing may be a piece of crap. I can see with my naked eye that the front and rear sight flats are not machined in plane and the sights have been drifted to extreme opposites to account for it. fuck!
'Sorry stupid people but there are some definite disadvantages to being stupid."

-John Cleese

Re: Marlin Mod 60 Stainless

Inquisitor wrote: Thu May 07, 2020 2:50 pm Tech sights.
It's the front sight that's out of plane with the receiver and rear sight flat. :thumbdown:

Marlene, Buds wont take it back, I should have noticed it in the store and not accepted it. I'm gonna contact Marlin, after I shoot it a few times.

Bisbee, I don't want a scope on this.
'Sorry stupid people but there are some definite disadvantages to being stupid."

-John Cleese

Re: Marlin Mod 60 Stainless

It’d be interesting to see what they’d say on this matter. If Marlin let this rifle out the factory after determining the sight needs to be drifted that far to one side to be zero that pretty much implies it’s good enough for them. Will they go through the trouble of taking it back and replacing the barrel at this point because of “aesthetics”?

It’s off center right now but it could be the rear sight needs to be centered to shoot straight... Any updates Mason?
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