Auction site woes

As with many on this forum, I suppose, I have a like/dislike relationship with that popular auction site. I've bought a few pieces through it, and sold one piece. When I bought pieces, I had to contact the seller directly and do C/C information by phone because the auction site's system was, well, wonky.

It's been a couple years since I sold anything through that site (GunBroker, if you haven't figured it out by now). I went there today to set up a listing to sell, and the site wants bank account information that I'm not comfortable putting on that site.

The rifle I'm offering for sale is listed in the Trading Post, if members are interested. It's a nice rifle, but I don't shoot it, I have another similar rifle that's more appropriate to my desires (it's the same model as my first rifle, which was lost in a move).

Who has an auction site that isn't so invasive? Or is that a thing, so that I would be served to set up another bank account specifically for doing online selling?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
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Re: Auction site woes

I have nearly every receipt/bill of sale for all the guns I’ve ever bought. All have been thru licensed dealers, spare those inherited. For the past two/three or so years I have been selling (most of) them off, again all to brick & mortar dealers as none of my kids have any interest. They are all also quite religious, go figure. So far they have all (the guns, not the kids) brought more, sometimes quite a bit more than paid. Inflation? The dealer is also a middleman, but in person is more to my liking. I think I even got $210. from a Winchester Mod. 1904 with a lot of “customizing” on the stock (previous owner, who knows how many there have been, chiseled their initials into it, and they did NOT have Tom Silva’s skill set. Guns are wholly unique things, and I’m uncomfortable without face to face, but everyone’s different.

A lot of reloading stuff sold also, but either in person to locals, or on ebay, which does not allow selling components, or guns. Some gun parts are OK. All my transactions with ebay are thru PayPal, with zero problems. Some gun related sites seem to have a problem with PayPal, due I think to 2A stance, but am not sure. I have accounts in different banks, but I lead a double life, and need to protect my secret identity.

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