Re: Hello from Minnesota

:welcome: from down Kentucky way!

I'll second the question: "What do you shoot?"

Before long, you'll be asked to show pictures of your shootin' irons.

When I was a bike shop service manager, I bought a fair bit of stuff from Quality Bicycle Products out of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. I have a couple of kilts and a couple of sporrans from Stillwater Kilts up that way, too.
Eventually I'll figure out this signature thing and decide what I want to put here.

Re: Hello from Minnesota

Hi all thanks for the warm welcome. I currently have a fetish for single action hammer guns. That being said I own some a striker fire sig p365xl. I have a Dan Wesson Stainless V- bob, Colt Gold cup trophy (made 2011) . I have a Ruger 357/9mm convertible 6.5” barrel and Ruger super Blackhawk.44 magnum… and a few rifles,shotguns
Mostly I like to shoot targets😜…. They don’t shoot back.

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