Re: The White House decorated for the Holidays.

YankeeTarheel wrote: Thu Nov 30, 2023 9:20 pm Yay! No more Melania nightmarish decorations that would terrify the Addams family!
Agree, it's the official home of our head of state which is open to the public, so it should be something of pride. That along with the 60 ft spruce from West Virginia that sits on the WH lawn. It's not my thing but it goes with Biden's job.
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Re: The White House decorated for the Holidays.

Melania, the "Escort Service Woman", was only the 2nd 1st Lady born outside the US. Louisa Adams (John Q) was born in England to American parents, so Trump was the first naturalized FLOTUS--and the worst WH decorator in history!
Rosalyn Carter wore a "Habitat for Humanity" tee instead of "I Don't Care! Do U?"
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