Mantis group?

Anyone here have a Mantis? I noticed that there are dozens signed up in the Liberal Gun Club Mantis group on the app, and I recognize some of the user names, but very few have used there Mantis in recent days when we have a 5000 shot challenge going. Let’s do this thing!

Re: Mantis group?

I have sometimes considered buying a gun with a rail specifically to support the Mantis system (and LGC, because where else would I buy it?). Not there yet. Did not realize that it supported virtual group training. Now I'm more interested. I mean, there's first-person shooters, but this?

Re: Mantis group?

I have one, and might be in the LGC group, but using it is awkward these days, since dry-firing makes a noise that my father-in-law would likely remember (my wife and I share a house with her parents, both of whom are dealing with age-related memory issues, and he was career Air Force as an SP, and while I think they know there are guns in the house, I don't want them thinking about there being guns in the house).
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Re: Mantis group?

papajim2jordan wrote: Fri Apr 14, 2023 11:30 am I got one a bunch a while ago cause I couldn’t find large pistol primers. Then found small pistol primers and small primer .45ACP cases and forgot all about the thing, till read this post. If anyone knows where I put it, I’d be grateful.
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