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Nope. I used silencer shop because of the ease of using their “kiosks.” To complete your ATF eForm submission.

You make an online account, go buy your silencer, Finish your submission in the kiosk (finger prints, photos etc.) pay your $200, then wait until it’s out of silencer jail.

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In 42 states suppressors are legal, but in 8 states they are illegal. The 8 states are the usual suspects: California, Hawaii, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Delaware. I blame it on Hollywood writers, they made suppressors look nefarious in TV and movies, as evil as the guns they're attached to.

Silencer Central is quite a place.
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Same here. My shop has a built in Range, so I don't mind waiting the old fashioned way. We call it conjugal visitation. They were explaining to me the process that it takes to get one of those kiosk in the store. It is an exorbitant amount of money up front and then a monthly fee. I know the traffic through there, they don't sell that many silencers.
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