Questions raised after Supreme Court hid financial ties to expert who validated leak probe

Before the release of a report on the investigation into who at the Supreme Court was responsible for leaking the Dobbs draft ruling, that for all intents and appearances gutted Roe v. Wade, an outside expert was brought in to validate its findings and now there are questions about that review.

The report, released last week, revealed that no culprit was discovered after Chief Justice John Roberts ordered an investigation that infuriated the secretive justices who saw it as a breach of trust.

After its release, legal experts raised their eyebrows after it was revealed that Supreme Court clerks and staffers testified under oath but the Justice themselves were subjected to questioning but not asked to sign affidavits that what they stated was true.

CNN is now reporting that an outside agency run by former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, with long-term financial ties to the court, did the appraisal raising questions of conflicts of interest.

Of concern are questions whether Chertoff's firm, which has billed the court over $1 million for various services, may be protecting the very justices who keep sending them business. ... I#cxrecs_s

G.W.Bush's former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff billed the SCOTUS over a million dollars for services rendered. What services was worth that much. I know Rpugs got to grift where ever they can.
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