Re: Primers available?

papajim2jordan wrote: Fri Nov 18, 2022 11:50 am I've stepped back from some of the other forums as well. All those grains of salt were causing my blood pressure to spike.
Yup, too many to count at this point.

So this is why there
s a shortage of primer I bet, people like me starting out that just buy what ever primers available. lol F'k it, I'll use the down the road for rifle ammo.
I got them Remington small pistol primers too. Plus boxes of bullets, powder so when I start using a bunch of my ammo I got stocked up I can start reloading.
I do have prolly five hundred rnds of brass in various calibers I can start to play with. Ya won't be able to order reload stuff when the end of days hits. However it may b e televised.
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Re: Primers available?

Yes, they are, depending on the powder. Of course, for H110/W296, SPPM's are the way to go. For 2400, either SPP's or SPPM's work great; I generally use SPP's and get fine results.

Note that standard primers are also good for Accurate 11FS, though my results were with using LPP's (.45 Colt), even though the reloading data called for LPPM's (use of LPP's was a mistake that turned out to give good results).
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