What's a good pump .35 Remington worth, anyway?

For good or ill, I wasn't drunk enough this morning to put in a bid of $900 or $1000 on this gun:

Other than a couple of .22s, the only rifle I currently own is a Rossi 92 in .357 Magnum with a 24" octagonal barrel, which is a pretty silly configuration (it's too heavy and too muzzle-heavy to be really good to carry around and hunt with, and far too long to have any benefit to the barrel length except for round count). I find the .35 Rem somewhat tempting due to its ability to use cheap revolver bullets for plinking ammo, and a pump gun for having a pretty good second-shot rate without pinching your trigger finger like a lever or being prone to any stupid "fully-semi-automatic" bans (a tube mag .35 semi-auto would seem safe, except that the state of WA *already* designated my piece-of-shit Marlin model 60 an "assault weapon.")

This seems like a nice gun in the somewhat unlikely event that I move in a few years to a state with good hog hunting. Convince me I made a horrible mistake and should throw ALL the money at the next one of these that comes along.
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