Re: Alleged shooter at elementary school in Uvalde, Texas in custody

There might have been DPS staff on site in Uvalde, but I assume it's like everywhere else in the US where when state law enforcement arrive they are there to assist locals and don't automatically assume control of an incident. TX legislators might be rethinking that whole protocol.

Local politicians are trying to cover their asses, this could be the end of their careers. Three local law enforcement agencies were involved: school district police, city police and county sheriff and they f'ed it up all by themselves.
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Re: Alleged shooter at elementary school in Uvalde, Texas in custody

Read a report there were 12 or so DPS on site and some in bldg. With that many agencies all there at one time and no one stepped up to take control of situation. This just gets murkier by the day with each change in story and pointing fingers. You can lay your money on Greg Abbott not taking any responsibility and protecting DPS whist throwing everyone else under the bus.
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Re: Alleged shooter at elementary school in Uvalde, Texas in custody

Bisbee wrote: Wed Jun 22, 2022 8:03 pm Not far from the truth.

This is what happens when big talkers are faced with a real situation. The bigger the hat, the fewer the cattle. The sad truth we are witnessing is that Texas is filled with bullsh*ters with guns who are afraid of their own shadows. And now their yellow stripes are out there for all the world to witness.

And much of NRA swilling, chest-beating White America behave just like these Texans. “Good guy with a gun,” my ass.
As the quote goes, “All Hat No Cattle.”
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