Re: Marlin Mod 60 Stainless

Mason wrote: Thu May 28, 2020 1:37 pm Shoots four inches to the left at 25 yards. Front sight is already drifted extreme left. Unacceptable. It's going back to Marlington.
I know it's been awhile since your first post. This is what I did to my Model 795 SS ... I didn't want to add a scope to mine either and instead installed a set of Tech sights. Installation is easy to do and if you spend the extra 5 bucks for the sight tool adjustments are easy. You might also want to look at DI products they offer a complete drop in aluminum trigger guard for both the Marlin 795 and Model 60 rifles. Both add value to the marlin semi-autos and are well worth the extra dollars. Just to warn you that if you decide to install the tech sights. There is a small stainless steel screw under the orange insert on the Marlin factory front sight, be careful not to lose that tiny screw if you want to change it back to the original sights later.

Hope everything is going well with your Model 60

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