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Here's that one from another year that disappeared during one of the database updates. Same cabinet and kitchen but different wall paint.


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I found the cartridge many years ago in the foothills behind Old Ft. Boise, when I was a student.

While researching the pistol (It has no markings beyond the manufacturer) I read that .38 S&W was one of 2 cartridges available for it.
The other being .32 S&W.
I thought, 'what are the odds?'
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Gun Porn Thread

A pristine Smith and Wesson model 10. It belonged to my father. Purchased in 1967 or 1968 from Gibsons Hardware/lumber store in Lubbock Texas. Price: $68. No paperwork to fill out. According to him, he just walked up to the counter and purchased it. I don’t believe it has had more than 20 rounds through it. I recall my brother and I target practicing one time with it many years ago. We were very young and probably didn’t fire more than 6 rds each. It doesn’t even have a cylinder ring. Trigger is very crisp.

After all this time I finally own a Smith.
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Re: Gun Porn Thread

Some Colt's and Winchesters

Some hunting partners...
1929 Winchester 1890 in .22 Short (my first rifle), and a 1937 Colt Officers Target in .22LR

1927 Winchester 94/95 Hybrid in .30 WCF, and 2018 Colt SAA .45 Colt.

Some Gallery guns
1929 Winchester 1890 in .22 Short
1937 Winchester 62A .22LR used by the "5 Spot" shooting gallery company
1979 Rossi 62A .22LR
1957 Winchester 61 in .22LR
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