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Some of what follows will be familiar to certain readers, as portions were sent in an email to everyone on the mailing list a couple of months ago. However, not everyone opened it, and we’ve had a bunch of new signups in the interim. So, in order to get everyone up to speed, here it […] This content originally appeared at text and was written by Grant Cunningham This content is syndicated and does not necessarily reflect the views or positions of The Liberal Gun Club

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Re: Blog - past, present, and future of this blog

It's true that a lot has changed in the last year and a half. I have his book on revolvers, which I find excellent. I appreciate that he sees things are changing and that his blog has to change with the times and only post interesting stuff. The internet gives us one-to-many communications capabilities, but one can't always get all those eyes on one's blog.

One big change during the last presidential administration was the increase in hyped-up fears concerning firearms. Unfortunately, one result is the distracting from the real problem, which is the people who pull the triggers. Another result is the emphasis on "training" to participate in a gun fight over and above the training and practice required to do well in target competitions. I would like to see more emphasis there, as everyone else hypes the shoot-out trainings. I would say the two could be tied together by saying that a target is a target.

Glad he's back to posting on his blog.

Well shake it up now, Sugaree. I'll meet you at the Jubilee.
And if that Jubilee don't come, maybe I'll meet you on the run.

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